All Things Egypt Clip Art by Digi My World

Designer : Digi My World
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All Things Egypt Clip Art by Digi My World

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This package includes 1 ankh, 1 anubis, 1 camel, 1 pharoah, 1 pyramids, 1 lotus, 1 scorpion, 1 cleopatra, 1 sarcophagus, 1 scarab and 1 egypt country graphic. All in PNG format, 300dpi and individual graphics - graphics in this package are large

License Information ::

You can use these graphics for personal and commercial projects/designing. You can use these to make commercial items to sell (printed or digital). You can sell your creations on your website, etsy store, blog or store. You MUST make something from these that is new and different.

You can NOT resell these. You can NOT add these to kits as is (like scrap kits). You can not change the color, resize, add a border to make a "sticker' or element, or make cutter/svg files. You MUST incorporate these into your flattened digital design for commercial use. You can NOT just add these to a solid color background or layered background and sell "your creation". Your customer MUST NOT be able to extract the clipart as is from your creation. You can NOT use this to create free items.You can NOT use these to make free teacher lessons. If you make lessons - it can't be just putting the clipart on a white(or solid color background) and using it as is UNLESS you make a locked/password protected PDF file to SELL. NO freebies!

YOU CAN NOT USE THESE TO MAKE DESIGNS TO SELL ON ZAZZLE, CAFEPRESS, SPOONFLOWER OR OTHER PRINT ON DEMAND WEBSITES. Please read each artists listing - because Digi My World is one of the few artists that do not allow this. Most of my other artists (including myself) do allow useage on print on demand websites.  

You MUST give Digi My World credit when using these for commercial projects. The credit MUST be visable on EACH design/page and or in the description of your listing. Do NOT claim this clipart as your own artwork. AGAIN - make sure you are placing an artist credit on EVERY page of your lesson plan as well as within the product description. Not doing this is considered a policy voilation and can result in your items being removed from the website you are selling on.

Questions? Concerns? Please use the contact page to send your questions to me before you purchase. Remember, just because it is not listed above does not mean it is automatically ok. It might be something I haven't thought of. So, please contact me BEFORE you purchase if you have a unique quesiton or project you want to do - to make sure it is ok. This will save you a lot of time, money and greif.

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