This is the Terms of Use for Moonbeam1212. Barnali Bagchi aka moonbeam1212 is the author and copyright holder of the images of each product package that is in her section/labeled hers and retains copyright and ownership of the images included in each zipfile, and your purchase license gives you the RIGHT to use the images under specific circumstances - such as listed below. Barnali has the right to change her terms at any time. I will contact customers who are on our mailing list of those changes. If you choose not to be on the mailing list - you will then be responsible to check this page on a monthly basis to make sure she has not changed her terms.

 Please read the following for her terms of use policies - she allows personal use and commercial with these stipulations...

You can use the images in commercial projects such as webdesign, 3d texturing, advertising, illustration, printables projects, candy wrapper businesses, card making, signage, games, and as photographic backgrounds.

    :: DIGITAL SCRAPBOOKING : - All of Moonbeam1212 products may be used for creating scrapbooking kits. But, those kits must be sold (NO FREE KITS) to your customers as personal use ONLY. NOW - you can NOT just add her elements, artwork, designs or papers to your kit without adding your own personal touch to them. Cutting out a hole for your customers to add their photos - is NOT an acceptable change. You need to alter or use the products in each of her kits to create NEW,  UNIQUE and FRESH products to add to your scrapbooking kits. What is NOT acceptable when creating scrapbooking kits - taking her artwork and changing colors, texturizing, cutting out a hole, cutting designs into little pieces (or removing the flowers to add her flowers to the kit) and/or making them into "stickers" or plastic elements. These are NOT acceptable and can not be done when creating a scrapbooking kit to sell to your customers. Again - use her designs to create something new and fresh. If you have questions - please contact MarloDee Designs for help before purchasing. I can show you examples of acceptable and not acceptable :)

    :: PRINTWORK FOR MASS PRODUCTION (such as Zazzle/Cafepress): UPDATED 2/1/13 - Buyers are not permitted to upload Moonbeam's compositions, files or products, as is, to create products on a mass market basis online in their own stores. That is akin to providing my original work in its original form to a mass market under your own name. You may not upload my images, as is, to store on Zazzle servers or in order to do graphic design from within Zazzle. You may, however, create a unique design of your own OFFLINE (like create your design through Paint Shop or Photoshop and saving the creation in a flattened graphic/image) using my products (like a collage background with figures or various design elements on it) and upload that as your own product. This leaves plenty of room for the use of the design resources for these venues. But you cannot simply upload my images, in their original form, as the basis of a mass market product. The key here is to create a "Derivative Product" using my product/s which you may call your own and upload it to your Zazzle store.

("Derivative Design" implies a significant change in the design, which makes it different from the original. You are "deriving" a new, secondary design by transforming or changing someone else's original designs, but stamping it with your own creative input. This is legally and ethically done by artists and designers all the time IF the original artist permits their work to be used in this way. In terms of fair and legal market practice, you pay the licensing fee or royalty for the design resource and honor the Terms of Use attached to the design resources you use in your work.)

Which means ... You CAN create products OFFLINE - then upload flattened images/files you created using Moonbeams artwork into your Zazzle & Cafepress store. YOU MUST give her credit! If you have questions regarding this - please contact me so I can help explain more :)

    :: DECOUPAGE DESIGNERS/COMPANIES, DIGITAL EMBROIDERY DESIGNERS/COMPANIES, etc : - You may use Moonbeam1212 products to create derivative designs which may be sold in the form of downloadable printable sheets or pattern sheets (in jpg format - NO layers). BUT you may not use Moonbeam1212 images "as is" to simply provide the original images in jpg format in decoupage sheets, without your own design input. If you want to take Moonbeam1212 artwork, as is, and simply translate it, without any design input of your own into a jpg decoupage sheet to be downloaded from your website as a printable decoupage product, you will need to purchase an extended license, at a price to be negotiated with Moonbeam1212. If you are interested in an extended fee for the "as is" use of her work for a decoupage kit, send an email using MarloDee Designs contact page. I will then contact Barnali with your information and ask her to provide me with details or she might contact you directly.

Graphics May NOT Be Used the Following Ways:

  1. Moonbeam1212 graphic designs cannot be sold for mass production, as Moonbeam1212 holds the copyright to all of her original artwork.

  2. Moonbeam1212 graphic designs may not be resold in it's original files, as is, in any venue.

  3. Moonbeam1212 graphics cannot not be redistributed in filesharing groups.

  4. Moonbeam1212 graphics may not be shared (actual products or creations) via online groups and forums. NO FREEBIES

  5. Moonbeam1212 can not be resaved in another file format and then redistribute them, either for sale or for free, in filesharing groups or any other online or offline venue.

  6. When using Moonbeam1212 graphics you may recolor the elements in her products, BUT you may not resell or give them away as grayscale,or create templates, actions, scripts, layer styles, brushes or other presets from them.


  8. You are not able to transfer your purchase license to anyone else. Which means, if you stop using the graphics you purchased here - you can not just give them to a family member or friend for them to use. Or if you have additional members in your team - you can not allow them to use the graphics for themselves. Everyone must purchase the sets themself for themself. Why? Because this provides Barnali a listing of who has purchased her graphics legally. This will protect you and your creations if at anytime a situation arises where you are accused of stealing images or obtaining them in an illegal manner.

Requirements ::

Credit MUST be given to © Moonbeam1212 on all web pages/websets/packaging and projects. If you use her designs in web design, blog design, auction template or other digital internet style products, the credit should be displayed on EVERY page that her artwork shows. If you create printable products using her artwork/designs, you should put a text artist credit within the item description and you should also put a text credit on the printable itself. So, when customers print their printable, her name also prints showing she is the artist of the artwork used. If you create printed items to sell - please put an artist credit on the printable itself - like if it is a greeting card - try to put her artist credit on the back of the card. Of it that is not possible - then please put a note within the packaging stating she is the artist used. If you use in Zazzle or Cafepress - please put a credit on the actual product (like if it is a greeting card) AND within the product description. A live link to MarloDee Designs is preferred. DO NOT not give her credit or claim the artwork/designs are your own. When not giving credit is like saying you are the original artist which is not right!

Also, where possible, please provide a link to: for resource information and to let people know where they too can purchase her designs. It is not a requirement to put a MarloDee Designs resource credit - but it is nice and helps others find out where they can purchase these designs.

If you are interested in seeing more of her artwork, designs or products - You can also find her (other designs/artwork) at Renderosity and Jaquarwoman.  You can find her on deviantArt. And, her Facebook Page is now online! 

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