ALL of Trina Clark's clipart is moving to our Etsy store! The move is going on now and will be finished by the end of July 2013.

For our current customers who have purchased Alice Smith, Cheryl Seslar or Trina Clark packages - DO NOT WORRY. I will NOT be deleting your downloads. You will still be able to access them at anytime! ALSO - DIGITAL STAMPS WILL BE STAYING HERE AT MARLODEE DESIGNS FOR THE TIME BEING. We do not have the room to move all of them over to the Etsy store. So, you will continue to see some products from Alice Smith, Cheryl Seslar & Trina Clark - but NOT any of their clipart packages.

Thank you for visiting & shopping here at MarloDee Designs! Stay with us as we are growing and hope to offer you THOUSANDS of clipart, graphics, posers, digital papers, alphas, tags and other wonderful designer tools!

Trina Clark
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